Growing Up in Westlake

I don't know of any other highschool class that was as close as ours.  Duh -- we won Spirit week 3 years in a row!  Maybe it was all that fog or maybe it was just the 60's but looking back it was a great time to be in highschool.  So check out these websites and drift back to those days. 

Westlake -- an Iconic Community

This a great website about how Westlake was planned and built.  Many of the images are from a book called
Little Boxes  by Rob keil in which he describes Westlake as "iconic".  It's shows the Westlake we remember.  Do you remember the pizza by the slice at the Westlake Market? How about sitting at Lyon's for 2 hours sharing one plate of fries and 4 cokes?

Remember Dance Party?

Not sure the guys were frequent watchers but the girls sure were.  The fact that the program was on 6 days a week for an hour and half really shows what a different time it was.  Can you imagine that now?

Firemen Frank and Karl the Karrot

This segment is dedicated to Hal Bobrow and Steph Singer who appeared on this show.  Many hadn't heard of it but by gosh this website describes it so I guess they weren't making it up.  Any of you remember it?